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Dancing Bear Labyrinth

The Dancing Bear Labyrinth being dedicated.

Labyrinths are ancient tools for self discovery and serve as a form of walking meditation. Many religions use them, including Hinduism, Christianity, and South American religions. As explained on, the Labyrinth is 4000 years old, and comes in a variety of different patterns.

However, Atlanta area seekers don't have to fly out to Rome or Peru just to have an authenthic Labyrinth experience. In fact, you don't even need to leave the metro area. Many people are aquainted with the Oakland Cemetary. However, few know that right around the corner is a Labyrinth open to public and ready to be walked.

Dancing Bear Labyrinth is located at 366 Oakland Ave. SE, in Atlanta GA. It is a traditional 7 circuit looping Labyrinth, built with paving stones and plants, with a gazebo in the center. It's in the front yard of Bear Manor, but is open to the public at all times for walking, free of charge.

So the next time you are visiting Oakland Cemetary, take the extra trip to the Labyrinth, and walk it. The calming walking meditation may relax you, or give you a sudden burst of insight.

For more info: Visit the Dancing Bear Labyrinth website, or the Labyrinth International Journal website for more general information about Labyrinths.


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