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Dancing and grooving to the beat with DiscoRobo

DiscoRobo dancing to the beat-slide0

When the beat hits, people start moving and grooving to the music. Even those who are rhythmically challenged can tap their toes and enjoy the music. Music and playing with friends is all about enjoying the moment. The moment is bigger and more fun when DiscoRobo joins in the dancing, moving and grooving fun.

DiscoRobo, dancing, chatting and interacting with you

DiscoRobo is an entertaining and interactive high tech toy that kids and adults enjoy. Using the latest beat detection technology, DiscoRobo can feel the music and dance along with 56 amazing moves. It has eight engaging facial expressions and can also dance to other sounds such as beatbox, drum beats, hand claps or even footsteps.

The fun of playing with DiscoRobo is the interaction. The fun facial expressions make it seem like the DiscoRobo is a real. From reacting to sound or another DiscoRobo, this cute, engaging robot has life-like qualities. Instead of being a stagnant, pre-programmed device, the kids keep going back to the toy because of the varied responses and continual new play outcome.

In addition to the dancing fun, DiscoRobo offers smartphone app that increases the interaction level with a chat mode. The little robotic buddy can answer questions. In chat mode, kids can type in questions and DiscoRobo responds with a clever statement. If your household has multiple DiscoRobos, they can talk and interact with each other. From funny faces to curious responses, the DiscoRobo feels almost life-like.

DiscoRobo has an additional stage to enhance his performance. The stage is a high quality, portable MP3 player speaker with internal memory for music storage and music device connectivity. The stage is perfect for kids to take their DiscoRobo to various venues. The portability makes the DiscoRobo fun on a quick weekend getaway or a sleepover with friends.

DiscoRobo and its stage run on AA batteries. The DiscoRobo retails for $45 or retails for $80 with the stage. For more information on this product and where to purchase, please visit

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