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‘Dance Moms’: Will Abby Lee Miller’s ego bruise badly if her team loses?

Abby Lee Miller might not win on Dance Moms
Abby Lee Miller might not win on Dance Moms
Dance Moms/Facebook

The Dance Moms fans are going to see some fierce competition on Tuesday night when the show returns to Lifetime. As fans have been viewing all season long, Abby Lee Miller has been pushing her team hard. This spoiler offers a sneak peek at the Dance Moms episode on April 8. Fans who don’t want to know the details should look away now. According to the Dance Moms Facebook page on Monday, the showdown of dance troupes might lead the team down the road of disappointment if they don't win.

Abby Lee Miller has been extremely forceful in her decision on providing motivation on winning, but don’t be surprised if the star comes up extremely short. The competition was held a while ago and the dancers might not have been ready for such a strong team. The NorthJersey News is reporting that the team that competes against the Abby Miller Dance School is Waldwick's Studio L Dancers and at the Masters of Dances Arts Competition.

"Studio Larkin is a very good studio," said of the moms said in the promotional trailer. "We've lost to them before. That's a tough act to follow."

Tough it will be and there is no shame in being beaten by a better team as it makes youngsters try hard as you can’t always win. Win or lose, Abby Lee Miller’s ego gets bruised as her team waffles during competition. It has to be tough to be a dance teacher, but even tougher when she needs to accept that she can’t control the outcome of her dancers even after though she uses every resource possible to make them perform at their highest level.

The Lifetime show Dance Moms is seen on Monday night at 10 p.m. ET.