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‘Dance Moms’ wager? Dancers bet on Abby’s decision of pyramid placement

The mid-season finale of “Dance Moms” is going to have the fans of the Lifetime show glued to their seats. The chance to see the dancers perform with the Abby Lee Miller Dance Company is quite entertaining, but the dance instructor definitely takes top billing. According to WetPaint on Tuesday, the viewers find the actual moms of the dance students the least entertaining when it comes to watching the show.

Abby Lee Miller
Photo by Charley Gallay

When the show started, it was geared toward the young dancers and the moms who make sacrifices to help their children. It sounded noble at the time, but Abby Lee Miller stole the show when the series started to air. Somehow she connected with the fans more than anyone else and gave the story line life for people to watch every week. Radio & TV Talk is reporting that Tuesday’s mid-season finale is the 100 episode of the reality show and being it’s only in the fourth season, the statistic is extremely impressive.

While the fans tune in from week to week to see how the dancing is coming along a few other secrets have been revealed about the show. The International Business Times is reporting that the dancers make bets prior to Miller’s decisions on her infamous pyramid each week. The decision of the instructor is based on their previous week's performance and can be harsh. Chloe revealed in a video interview that she, along with the other young ladies, bet on where they will be placed and then Abby shares her decision. Apparently it helps with the stress of the show.

The mid-season finale is going to offer up some serious competition that might have the original squad a little nervous. The new junior elite competition is presented during the pyramid and everyone is taken back by the challenge to come.

“Dance Moms” is on Lifetime airing Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. ET.

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