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‘Dance Moms’ teasers: Abby’s next fight with Christa compared to ‘Hunger Games’

Dance Moms Face Off?
Dance Moms Face Off?
Dance Moms / Lifetime / Twitter

So who is up for some “Hunger Games” but in “Dance Mom” style? The fans of the Livetime show should be ready for a showdown and once again the dance troupe parents and the teacher are in the mix. Abby Lee Miller is looking to make the best dance troupe in Pittsburgh and the young ladies who are part of “Dance Moms” might be focused on their routines, but trouble is brewing in the hallways. On Sunday the official show shared what to expect.

“Christi vs Kira? Christi vs Abby? It's like @HungerGames up in here! Haha! #DanceMoms,” tweeted “Dance Moms” from their official Twitter account. Following up with another message about the showdown on Monday. “Things don't look so happy in the hallway between Christi and Abby!

First it was Kelly Hyland and Abby Lee Miller, but Hyland isn’t around so it appears Abby is embroiled with a new battle. Dance Moms” drama isn’t ever very far, but fans know that it Kelly Hyland gone (at least at the moment) the temperament of the show was assumed to be toned down. Wrong! It appears that Miller is looking for a new cast member to pick a fight.

Thrilling on one hand and boring on the other, it seems that fans will get the chance to see if there is going to be a showdown with another physical element in the works. Of course that would be disappointing, but perfect for grabbing ratings for “Dance Moms.”

“Dance Moms” airs Tuesdays at 9 pm ET on Lifetime.