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‘Dance Moms’ staged Kelly Hyland's fight? Bronx criminal court sets trial date

Kelly Hyland gets a court date for trial
Kelly Hyland/Twitter

Dance Moms fans might be surprised to learn that there is more going on behind the scenes than some might think. The popular show on Lifetime has seen some pretty dramatic moves and it included an alleged altercation involving two of the adult cast members. On Monday Kelly Hyland was in court about the incident that recently aired on Dance Moms and the judge set a trial date for May 5, 2014. While Abby Lee Miller wasn't present, it was reported by CBS News in New York on Monday that the arrangement seen on television could be argued it was staged to happen by the producers. Another defense that could be in Kelly Hyland’s favor is the altercation was in self-defense.

“In any movie or TV show, if one actor physically abuses another actor because it’s part of the script, it’s not considered battery or assault,” said attorney Rosemarie Arnold who was interviewed by CBS about the case in New York.

The alleged stage of an altercation would make sense for a written drama, but for a reality show it seems like a bit much. Add that a judge would need to be convinced it was staged. Since the court is looking at all angles of the case, it is possible, yet it seems so extreme. Keeping in mind that the segment was aired on television, there isn't any doubt an argument could be made it was self-defense as fans watched when Abby does invade Kelly’s personal space.

While Dance Moms has a big following, there is something quite twisted in thinking about an alleged attack being scripted. It could be done for ratings (or to get rid of a cast member) and even then there might be issue of the logic as it goes far beyond the idea of the dancing.

Will the trial continue in the Bronx criminal court? If there is no resolution to the situation by the May 5, 2014, deadline, it will move forward. As for Kelly Hyland, she has pleaded not guilty and was seen walking into court with her lawyer on Monday.

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