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‘Dance Moms’ spoilers: Mackenzie needs a ‘Maddie face’ for a solo

Kenzie gets a solo that Maddie once had
Kenzie gets a solo that Maddie once had
Dance Moms / Twitter

Dance Moms” fans are going to be cheering on Kenzie this week for the upcoming show. New details of what to expect have been released and the “Dance Moms” spoiler is going to shock the fans. Fans who don’t want to know what happens in the upcoming episode need to look away now. According to Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on Friday, the show needs a serious reality check as it seems to have a very tough competition. This week it is Mackenzie (who is also called Kenzie) that might end up being cut if she doesn’t make Abby Lee Miller happen.

“Kenzie puts on her best ‘Maddie Face’ for Abby! See how well it is embraced come Tuesday,” wrote Dance Moms on their official Facebook account. The show also shared a picture of Kenzie on the official show Twitter account.

For Kenzie it is essential to dance hard. The young star is getting a solo that Maddie once performed and Abby insists it must be done just like the previous dancer. Over and over the routine is rehearsed, but the most important part to Abby appears to be that Mackenzie really takes the role on and does everyone that Maddie once did, including the same smile.

Is it possible to be that perfect for a routine? Well, Abby Lee Miller thinks it is possible and she will stop at nothing short than consistently reminding the dancer that she better do it right or get out.

The “Dance Moms” competition continues to be competitive and offer the fans a shocking look at how dance teachers act and push students who are in competition.

Watch Mackenzie do her best in the solo performance previously performed by Maddie on Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

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