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‘Dance Moms’ spoilers for season 4, episode 12 revealed

Abby Lee Miller
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Lifetime has revealed spoilers for episode 12 of “Dance Moms,” and the Abby Lee Dance Company is trying something new for the first time. On March 17, the official Facebook page of the show posted that Mackenzie and Maddie will face off in a dance competition in the “Sister Showdown” episode. Abby Lee Miller has decided that the two sisters need to share the same choreography and compete against each other.

Mackenzie will be forced to do her sister Maddie’s choreography and prove that she is better to Miller. However, fans of “Dance Moms” are not thrilled with Miller’s decision to force the sisters to dance against each other. They are also upset about Miller making Mackenzie copy her sister’s choreography instead of developing her own personality.

Miller has been pushing Mackenzie to be more like Maddie this season, and the face off is her way of making sure the sisters compete against each other. Some fans argue on Facebook that Miller seems obsessed with Maddie, and this is affecting her ability to see talent in other girls on her team. The favoritism is impossible to ignore, but is Lifetime deliberately showcasing it to create more drama for fans? The other mothers object to Miller trying to force Mackenzie into impersonating her sister, but she does not seem to care about their opinions and wants Mackenzie to reveal her inner Maddie on the dance floor.

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