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‘Dance Moms’ season 4 finale spoilers: New dancers after crushing team defeat

Abby Lee Miller
Abby Lee Miller
Dance Moms/Facebook

The Dance Moms fans need to be ready for new faces in the upcoming mid-season finale episode. The young budding stars are going to be auditioning for a spot on the dream team and talent will be overflowing. On Tuesday night there was a major defeat for the Abby Lee Miller Dance Team as the ladies couldn't get by the Larkin team to win. According to Reality Tea on Wednesday, the team came in second and everyone was terrified on how Abby Lee Miller would react. While her response wasn't over the top, this dance instructor knows she needs stronger dancers to beat better teams.

The mid-season finale episode will be the moment when the new girls go head-to-head in competition. The question for fans is will these fresh young faces take a spot of a favorite dancer or are these young ladies going to be part of a new team. Abby Lee Miller knows how to bring out competition in these young folks and her strategy to form her long-awaited dream team might strike the fear of God into some of her more complacent dancers.

While fans have grown attached to the faces seen week to week, this finale will offer a glimpse of what might happen if new faces (and talents) are showcased. Leaving everyone to wonder if Miller is going to make her team sweat it out or if there will be replacements on the current team to compensate for previous blunders during performances.

The Dance Moms mid-season finale is on Tuesday, April 15 on the Lifetime network.