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‘Dance Moms’ season 4, episode 17 spoilers: Reunion

Abby Lee Miller
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

The reunion special for “Dance Moms” will bring more drama for the dancers and mothers on the show. On Monday, the official Facebook page of the program shared that even Holly gets upset during the reunion. Christi Lukasiak will also join the drama because of her daughter Chloe in the “Seeing Red” episode, and Abby Lee Miller will be busy defending her decisions this season.

The mothers use the reunion as an opportunity to discuss many of the things that have bothered them, and anger quickly escalates in the next episode. Miller announces that she is the one who decides who will dance, and she is not willing to give up her power to the upset mothers. Lukasiak’s response to the drama of the reunion is to state she is done, but this does not move Miller.

Cathy Nesbitt-Stein makes an appearance on the “Seeing Red” episode to bring some more rivalry to the show, and Miller is not pleased to see her. Despite her issues with the mothers and Cathy, Miller shows a softer side by discussing the loss of her own mother. The death of Maryen Lorrain Miller from colon cancer deeply affected the owner of the Abby Lee Dance Company, and she dedicated several dances to her mother.

Many of Miller’s decisions this year have been criticized by fans, mothers and others on the show, but she sees nothing wrong with the way she handled the season. One of her most controversial decisions was to create a new team of dancers, and she recently moved Maddie to it. Additionally, Miller is being accused of trying to sabotage Chloe’s win at a competition because she felt another dancer deserved it more. Miller has been critical of how much time Chloe spends in the studio and allegedly tried to convince judges to take away her win.

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