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‘Dance Moms’ sabotage? Abby Lee Miller allegedly tried to alter dance scores

abby lee miller
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

The fans of “Dance Moms” might be excited to see the upcoming “Dance Moms Seeing Red Reunion,” but some fans are wondering if the allegations about changing scores will be addressed. New allegations are surfacing about score altering surrounding ALDC dancer Chloe Lukasiak. There are claims that she almost didn't win because Abby Lee Miller tried to sway the judges to change their scores for the mid-season finale competition. According to IB Times on Monday, allegedly Abby Lee Miller was trying to convince judges to change scores after the performances judged.

Who is making such allegations? Francisco Thurston had a discussion about the show on AfterBuzz’s TV and talked about the mid-season finale in details. He shared there was some backstage drama that didn't make it on air and he was shocked as he saw it live. According to the dancer, allegedly there were some serious discussions going on between Abby Lee Miller and the judges behind the scenes. And the reason for the alleged incident? Hoping to change the score, it would change the outcome of who won the overall competition.

Chloe Lukasiak won the overall of the competition, but she was in direct competition of the dancer Kamryn Beck. Both young ladies won first place in their individual age divisions, but the extra points were in Chloe’s favor. The judges didn't change their minds and Chloe won the overall competition.

While some fans might be outraged over the allegations, everyone has to admit that reality television is often scripted or edited. A situation like this could be altered or the firsthand account could be a misunderstanding. Since Miller's actions weren't shown on Lifetime, nobody knows for sure if the allegations are true.

There has never been any doubt that “Dance Moms” is a tough reality show that is really about what happens at dance competitions. While everyone assumes it will be fair, sometimes that doesn't look very good on television.

What does look good? Seeing the cast members in the community helping others. Some of the "Dance Moms" cast stopped by Pittsburgh’s Children Institute to share a performance with the kids. Wet Paint is reporting on Monday that four dancers from “Dance Moms” took the stage to perform.

The “Dance Moms Seeing Red Reunion” is on Lifetime airing Tuesday night at 9 p.m. ET.

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