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‘Dance Moms’ reunion spoilers: ‘Seeing Red’ reveals special focusing on dancers

Abby Lee Miller
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

The “Dance Moms” fans aren't going to be disappointed with the upcoming reunion show carefully titled “Seeing Red.” While the Candy Apples coach and Abby Lee Miller’s bitter rival Cathy Nesbitt-Stein will be part of the special, it appears the title reflects just how upset everyone gets rehashing the season. According to the new sneak peek posted on Wednesday over at Lifetime there is screaming, mocking and Abby Lee Miller.

As with every reality show, the drama at the end of the season is explosive. “Dance Moms” is no exception the rule as Christi Lukasiak, mom to 12-year-old dancer Chloe, is seen storming off the set after a battle of words.

Reports from International Business Times on Wednesday reveals there will be a very cool announcement next week as well. The show has decided to do a one-hour episode with the dancers called "No Moms Allowed." It will be a special without interruption by the dance moms or Abby Lee Miller. This will offer dancing, interviews and appearances from the young dancers for the fans.

The candid remarks would be the first time that the dancers got the spotlight without the adults, it does offer up what the fans really want. Able to hear how they feel in the dance studio and on stage, it’s a twist to the popular show. Plus, even though Brooke and Paige Hyland are gone, the young friends have decided to do a tribute to the former cast members and reflect on all the good times the group had together.

As the season wraps up for “Dance Moms,” it is only the beginning for Abby Lee Miller. The dance instructor has a new show that is gearing up for a June debut. The new Lifetime reality show “Abby’s Studio Rescue,” gives dance studio owners advice on being better business owners and making their studios successful. Hoping to salvage dance studios that aren't making it in the community, the successful reality star is going to show up and offer a few pointers.

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