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‘Dance Moms’ pressure hits hard; Mackenzie cries after Abby laughs at her

Abby Lee Miller laughs at one of her students on Dance Moms
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

The fans of “Dance Moms” need to be ready for some serious tears and crying on Tuesday night. The pressure of Abby Lee Miller’s studio is starting to hit the dancers hard and Mackenzie Ziegler starts shedding tears because Abby makes fun of her then she laughs at a Mackenzie's issues about spiders. The odd moment ends when Abby calls her “ridiculous” for being afraid of bugs during a very strange dance about phobias. According to USA Today on Tuesday, Mackenzie isn't featured in Sia's video as the singer decided on her sister Maddie Ziegler, but Abby wonders how the two dancers can be related.

The dancer isn't the only one who will be shedding a few tears. It seems that the young dancers are really feeling the pressure because their dance teacher isn't ready. With no routine to practice, no music to focus on and nothing short of studio chaos where the dancers are literally standing around, this competition preparation looks like a disaster in the making.

The “Dance Moms” competitions are becoming more and more important as the TV series progresses for the young dancers and their moms, but for some reason, this week Abby Lee Miller doesn't seem to have it together which is very unusual for this dance teacher. The site Celebrity Dirty Laundry reports that the theme at the upcoming show is a choreographed dance about phobias instead which is rather weird even for Abby.

The meltdown of Mackenzie Ziegler reminds fans who watch the show that this might be reality TV, but the young dancers are kids too. Offering up feelings about their performances and how they want to be represented, the pressure of what happens in the dance studio and how they are made fun of sometimes is not the best way to bring out the best dancers by suggesting they can’t be afraid of something.

Abby Lee Miller gets paid to teach people to dance on TV, but laughing at her student's phobias and her response to Mackenzie, just isn't cool.

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