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‘Dance Moms’ offers a look at Maddie’s first kiss: Is she too young?

Abby Lee Miller pushes Maddie into a first kiss
Photo by Charley Gallay

On “Dance Moms” there is never a rule about being too young or too good, just ask Abby Lee Miller. On the episode slated for Tuesday night the viewers will get to watch as Maddie Ziegler is offered her first kiss on the dance floor by a boy. The conflict over this idea has fans jumping as not everyone is ready to see the youngster grow up so fast. According to SheKnows on Tuesday, the entire cast of Abby’s dancers have returned, but the stakes get higher. Abby recruits former Candy Apple Gino to dance a duet with Maddie where the choreography calls for her very first kiss.

The issue surrounding Maddie’s first kiss might be trivial to some people, but to the fans this reality star is considered a friend. Wanting the child to grow up slowly and enjoy life as she sees fit, there are few individuals that agree with Abby’s idea of pushing Maddie into choreography for her very first kiss. In fact most of the opinions suggest it is not such a good idea as Maddie might be too immature.

As performers know, sometimes what is required on stage has little to do with emotions felt or offered up. As Maddie shares her performance with the fans, it is pretty obvious that every move and gesture is part of the routine and nothing more. It is highly unlikely that the youngster will be overwhelmed with all the focus around the simple peck on the cheek.

While most of the fans will be glued to the TV, it is the “Dance Moms” Facebook page who offered up the best interpretation of the moment. The kiss is when "sparks will fly" and everyone will see if Maddie can handle it. Of course she can handle it as she has been professional from the very beginning of her time on the show. Yet, Abby Lee Miller is the unknown variable so who knows what might happen.

See Maddie Ziegler and her cast mates on “Dance Moms” starting Tuesday night at 9 p.m. ET on the Lifetime Network. Fans can hardly wait to see what happens!

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