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‘Dance Moms’ mid-season finale: Jaw dropping twist leaves fans stunned

Abby Lee Miller shocks fans in Mid-season finale of "Dance Moms"
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

The “Dance Moms” fans are celebrating the reality show on Tuesday night with the 100th episode airing. It is quite amazing just how much the show is loved by loyal fans who turn in every week. While there is no word yet on the renewal of the show for a fifth season, the ratings are up and there is plenty of drama. According to WetPaint on Monday, a renewal is expected for the series on Lifetime and it’s a good thing too as fans are going to want to see more after the mid-season finale.

The viewers need to pay close attention on Tuesday as the competition has become real. The Facebook page of “Dance Moms” is revealing that Abby Lee Miller is presenting some new competition, but this time it is not a team that the original squad is familiar with. Instead Abby presented her new junior elite competition squad during the pyramid segment shocking the original squad and offering them the competition to beat. A dancer could lose their spot on the team if they don't take the challenge seriously.

The stomach turning reality is a shocker for the fans. This dance or die scenario is a pressure cooker environment and it appears that even the moms are freaking out a little as they want their daughter to be on the team at all costs.
Fans who watch “Dance Moms” know that Abby Lee Miller comes up with interesting ways to motivate her team. Sometimes it is scream. Other times it is pouting. This time it looks like she has upped the ante and those dancers who don’t impress will definitely be looking at some well-crafted punishment which could include watching from the sidelines.

The cliffhanger for “Dance Mom” fans has to be the scenario of what might happen if the original squad doesn't do as well as the newbies. Will dancers be replaced? Added? Or some other equation? The mid-season finale might share who is the best, but it leaves questions about the future and how the series will work out for all the young dancers who have worked so hard to achieve their goals.

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