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‘Dance Moms’ looks to make history: Can dancers get 10th victory in a row?

Abby Lee Miller Dance troupe looks to make a new record.
Abby Lee Miller Dance troupe looks to make a new record.
Dance Moms/Facebook

Dance Moms fans are going to be glue to their seats this week watching the Lifetime series. While the concerns over Abby Lee Miller’s teaching tactics are being dissected by the fans, the show is looking at completing a new goal. If the dancers in the Abby Lee Dance Company win the upcoming competition it would be the 10th victory in a row and set a new record. According to Dance Moms on Saturday, this accomplishment is a big deal and the fans need to tune in to see if the dancers pull off the accomplishment

“Can the #DanceMoms girls achieve their 10th victory in a row?! Find out Tuesday!” wrote Dace Moms on the official Facebook. The opportunity to share a positive accomplishment with the fans seemed to be appreciated by the fans who are watching the season closely.

The reality show has been a battleground for fans who don’t necessarily like how the season has unfolded. With verbal rants, some strange behavior and even a slap, the show has gravitated off of the idea of showcasing the dancing and more to the petty behind the scenes antics.

With a positive goal to focus on, there is plenty of excitement on whether or not the young ladies will make history. And in the process the fans will get to see how pressure is handled when the dancers must perform for a big win.