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'Dance Moms' fight: Kelly Hyland sues Abby Lee Miller and show for $5M

Kelly Hyland of 'Dance Moms' is suing Abby Lee Miller and the show's producers
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Dance Moms” viewers were stunned as they watched the most recent episode where Kelly Hyland and Abby Lee Miller's disagreement turned physical. Miller called the police, and Hyland is facing charges. According to TMZ on Feb. 13, Hyland has decided to fight back. She's filed a lawsuit against Miller and the show's producers.

As viewers saw on-screen, Hyland was upset with Abby and verbally let loose. Miller got enraged, charged at Kelly, and told her not to point her finger in her face. Abby then made motions as if she was going to bite Kelly's finger, and that's when Kelly slapped Abby and pulled her hair. From there, Abby called the police and Kelly was ushered out of the building.

Though Kelly Hyland and Abby Lee Miller have been in court over the incident, now there's a new twist. Hyland filed a lawsuit and is asking for at least $5 million. Hyland says that Miller prevented her from leaving the room during the altercation, and that she physically struck out at Miller in self-defense.

In addition, Hyland maintains that the producers got her away from the fight and put her on a plane, all the while knowing that police would issue a warrant for her arrest. It seems she believes they did that to drive a storyline. The “Dance Moms” star is suing Abby Lee Miller as well as the producers of “Dance Moms.” She claims that she hasn't been paid properly since the fight, which happened last November. She claims breach of contract, defamation and assault, and she wants punitive damages of $5 million.

Kelly Hyland seems to have substantial support from “Dance Moms” fans online, but will they agree that the lawsuit is the right move? This filing adds another layer of complexity to this mess, and fans are curious to see just what it will mean for the show. TMZ previously reported that the show's cameras followed the ladies when Hyland was due in court to face the charges against her, but just how will this latest twist be handled?

Tune in to “Dance Moms” airing Tuesday nights on Lifetime to see all of the fallout from Kelly Hyland and Abby Lee Miller's big fight.

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