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‘Dance Moms’ fans want bullying to stop on show; 5 TV bullies we love to hate

Dance Moms is hearing from plenty of angered fans after the latest episode of the Lifetime reality show. With fans tuning in to see Abby Lee Miller and her dance troupe every week, lately viewers are getting upset about the behavior of the adults with people questioning if there is bullying going on during the show. Calling out the actions of the primary cast members as bullying, viewers are demanding that the show steps in to stop before it causes harm to the kids. It's so obvious that emotions are running high that even Dance Moms, acknowledged the episode was over the top on Tuesday night.

Abby Lee Miller - Dance Moms - She has fans asking why she is always yelling at the kids. TV bullies we love to hate
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

“Good morning, #DanceMoms fans!! Who watched last night's CRAY episode?!” tweeted the Dance Moms show from their official Twitter account on Wednesday.

Almost immediately after the episode, the fans started pointing out the alleged bullying on the show. Not one or two fans either. Thousands of people shared concerns on social media and the posts haven't stopped rolling in from people who haven’t had a chance to see the show until a day later.

“Can’t believe how Abby is getting away with the abuse of power, bullying and mind games...fair play to Kelly for sticking up for her girls...” wrote Louise Ryan about the show on Tuesday night on Facebook. Fans who usually support the show now are turning their attention to the alleged bullying and asking why Lifetime isn't changing this issue with the kids being the victims.

Bullies on television have been a longstanding focus for the world. If Abby Lee Miller joins the cast of characters that people love to hate on TV because they are bullies, she will be in good company. While none of the alleged bullies are over the top, they are known to be a bit intense to get their own way.

So who are some of the biggest bullies on TV? We thought you would never ask. Take a look at the photo slideshow of the five famous bullies everyone who watch TV knows with Abby Lee Miller leading the way.

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