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‘Dance Moms’ competition heats up: Maddie leaves for ‘Ellen’ as dancers compete

Abby Lee Miller finds a new star on Dance Moms
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

There is plenty of drama on “Dance Moms” when Maddie leaves town. As the fans have watched and seen Maddie Ziegler grow into an amazing dancer, the youngster has been offered some great opportunities, including being on “The Ellen Show.” According to Reality TV Magazine on Tuesday, Abby Lee Miller thinks that her team is strong because they expect to be critiqued when they go into a performance. Apparently, they are going to be heavily critiqued in the dance studio too.

On tonight’s episode the ALDC heads to Shenandoah Valley, Virginia, but crew is missing one girl. Maddie is away filming a guest appearance on “The Ellen Show” and it appears there is a big hole where she once danced on the dance floor. It’s not surprising that Abby realizes that her best dancer and the career which is about to blossom is taking off. In a moment of self-preservation, Abby Lee Miller makes it a competition to decide who else can be good enough for the front position on the team and can handle the pressure to fill in during Maddie’s absence.

Fans might agree that Abby Lee Miller is up to her typical tricks to get her students to perform at their best. She pits Chloe, Nia and Kendall head-to-head and the girls need to perform under the serious pressure. Each one is put to the test as character driven solos are offered up to the controlling dance teacher. While the competition is tight, the ladies seem to know they could be in the number one spot with passion and focus.

What’s the show without a little drama? Real fans know that the mothers are probably more intense about winning than the kids and Christy’s jealousy puts her daughter Sarah’s place on the team in extreme jeopardy. The shock of the moment has fans wondering when the adults might chill out. While the situation might not work out, there is no doubt that Abby Lee Miller will make her opinion known and give her views of the evening.

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