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‘Dance Moms’: Abby Lee Miller fights Candy Apples again in episode 27

Abby Lee Miller
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for MTV

Abby Lee Miller’s old enemy Cathy Nesbitt-Stein returns in episode 27, but she is not the only problem on the show. On Thursday, the official Facebook page of “Dance Moms” shared a video of the mothers enjoying pool time, and fans believe they may be plotting against Abby once the cameras are turned off. Abby has a new conflict with Holly Frazier after insulting her daughter Nia.

Abby’s dance company faces Cathy’s Candy Apples in New Jersey, and she does not want to give her the opportunity to have first place. Their old feud has not subsided, so she is willing to go to extremes to make sure her girls win the competition on “Dance Moms.” Meanwhile, Cathy is planning similar strategies to try to beat Abby this season, and she is even willing to use Gino again.

Abby decides that the best way to achieve her goal of perfection on the dance floor is to make Chloe and Kendall understudies. Fans will not be surprised to learn that she chooses Maddie to be in charge, but the moms are not pleased with the favoritism. Holly suggests they keep track of Abby’s preference for Maddie or her insulting the girls, and she is not the only one who thinks this is a good idea. The other mothers join her by keeping score on a large whiteboard with markers that quickly gets filled with strikes.

During rehearsals, Abby discovers that Nia is pigeon-toed, and a new feud starts with her mother Holly. She yells at both of them before getting into an argument with Holly who calls her nasty and leaves in an angry state. She often has conflicts with the dancers and mothers, but the stress is higher because the Abby Lee Dance Company is up against the Candy Apple’s Dance Center.

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