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Dance away those winter blues

Becky Smith dancing with friends.
Becky Smith dancing with friends.
Trichelle Hutten

Dance is a great way to increase physical and mental health.  For many people winter brings not only cold and gloomy weather but a gloomy outlook as well.  The consequences of holiday eating and spending are now showing on the scale and credit card statements, people are not socializing like they did during the holiday season and boredom is setting in. These things can add up to winter blues.

A fantastic way to combat winter blues is dance.  Dancing is a great way to exercise and refocus your thoughts, creating both a physical and mental outlet.  When you are learning a new dance move or combination, or just dancing to your favorite song your mind is focused on the task at hand and not on the problems of the day.  When you allow yourself to fully engage in your dance activity your pulse rate is increased burning calories and releasing endorphins resulting in sense of happiness and well being. 

By taking dance into a group setting such as a dance class you have the added benefit of meeting new people and forming friendships based on a common interest.  So, if you suffering from the winter blues, need to get into shape or just want to make some new friends, get out and dance.

 To help you find a place to dance the Macon Dancing Examiner will feature a different local dance studio, instructor or venue weekly.  If you have questions, suggestions or would like to be included please leave a comment or email me.


  • Turbo 5 years ago

    I will be teaching break dancing at the corner of 5th and MLK. Every Saturday. Tell all students to bring a cardboard box so we can work on back spins. Also, parachute pants are strongly recommended.

  • ozone 5 years ago

    Turbo's class is lame, come to my breakdance class at Watson and Pleasant hill. I even supply the cardboard boxes.

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