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Dance apparel ‘Noka Posh’ debuts with fashion show in Tampa

Noka Posh debut fashion show
Noka Posh debut fashion show
Leandro Gongora, Jose Gomez, Daniel Garber

New dance inspired apparel brand “Noka Posh” debuted last month with a fashion show in Tampa, Florida.

Noka Posh Debut Fashion Show
Leandro Gongora, Jose Gomez, Daniel Garber

Nearly 200 attendees enjoyed the fashion show that was held at the Dance Boutique located in Anderson Road.

Noka Posh collection was titled “Motion in Style”. The brand was created by fashion designer Tatjana Sladojevic. Tatjana was born in Bosnia but she now resides in Tampa.

In a press release the designer said about the event: “It was an amazing feeling seeing my first Noka Posh collection take the stage and be presented to the world. I was honored to work with all the talented people that helped make this event a great success”.

The collection was so well received that it is available already in four stores.

Take a look at pictures from the event in the slideshow.

For more information visit the company’s Facebook page at