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Danai Gurira talks 'The Walking Dead' finale and Michonne finding love

Danai Gurira says that nobody has guessed "The Walking Dead" season finale yet.
Danai Gurira says that nobody has guessed "The Walking Dead" season finale yet.
Photo by Laura Cavanaugh

Fans of "The Walking Dead" have been on the edge of their seats looking for any kind of information about the season finale, but on March 28 Digital Spy shares an exclusive interview with Danai Gurira who says that she's read all the predictions and so far nobody is right.

In the interview, Gurira talks about how she thinks it's a great idea, not only to help build up the characters and get to know them individually but also to add a real war-like feel to the show, to split the group up and leave them feeling a bit on edge and out of their comfort zone. In a post apocalyptic world such as walker-filled Georgia, it is entirely likely that this would happen, so it makes the show more realistic.

When it comes to the ending of the season, Danai says that nobody has guessed it yet and it is not going to be what fans are expecting. It has been reported by Robert Kirkman himself that this season will end on a cliffhanger, therefore, any ending isn't going to be the end of the story itself. This could be in part, why nobody has guessed it yet.

So far, there has been little shared about season five, however, Danai says that her sister told her all about "Richonne" and how fans are hoping that the two of them get together and that there have also been people talking about Michonne and Daryl. She is flattered that people want her character to get some, but she feels that it would be an embarrassment of riches as they are both very lovely men.

Do you think that the Richonne story line will ever carry out? What is your prediction for "The Walking Dead" season finale?