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Dana White thinks Cris 'Cyborg' bears an uncanny resemblance to Wanderlei Silva

According to a Feb. 14 report from MMA Junkie, UFC President Dana White thinks Cris "Cyborg" Santos bears an uncanny resemblance to Wanderlei Silva.

“She’s done so many drugs her head is this big,” White said of Santos. “Does anyone really think she fights clean?”

George Prajin, who co-manages Justino with Bellator fighter Tito Ortiz, fired back at White, telling him to test her or keep quiet.

“We’re willing to test anywhere, anytime, anyplace to prove that she’s clean,” Prajin said. “He’s being a little reckless by making these statements without verifying the facts.”

Prajin admits Santos made some mistakes in the past, but that she's now completely clean.

“We’ll do a blood test, urine test, a hair follicle test – whatever it takes so [White] can say she’s clean and for him to stop making these comments,” Prajin said.

Invicta FC President Shannon Knapp confirmed that Santos showed up clean for both of her bouts under the Invicta FC banner.

“I can guarantee you that knowing ‘Cyborg’ and having worked with her for over two years now that she is not on drugs – she does not use performance-enhancing drugs,” Prajin said. “The issue that she had was regarding a weight cut. Someone in her camp suggested she use something that turned out to be a banned substance. She paid her dues, and she’s back on track.

“A man can fail multiple drug tests and be allowed to fight back in the UFC. A woman fails one drug test, and she’s labeled a drug user for the rest of her life? I don’t see how that’s fair.”

Prajin thinks it was nasty for White to comment on Santos' physical appearance.

“Test Cris ‘Cyborg’ tomorrow,” he said. “If she fails, then, hey, Dana, we’re sorry. Everything you had to say was justified. There no justification in saying she looks like Wanderlei Silva. That’s cruel. She’s a woman. Things hurt, and I don’t think that fair, and especially if it’s about his grudge with Tito Ortiz. Cris ‘Cyborg’ has never done anything to him.”

Analysis: White's recent comments about Santos had a lot to do with his animosity toward former UFC champ Tito Ortiz, who just so happens to manage the standout Brazilian.

It's a well-known fact that White and Ortiz do not get along, so his verbal jab at "Cyborg" was nothing more than an extension of his rivalry with "The People's Champ."

Many UFC fans want to see current bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey fight Santos, but the UFC has had trouble securing the services of "Cyborg."

Part of that has to do with White's feud with Ortiz, which dates back several years. If White and Ortiz ever make up, there's a good chance the UFC will be able to finally sign Santos.

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