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Dana White starts following Gina Carano on Twitter

According to a March 6 Facebook post from the Women's MMA Discussion group, UFC President Dana White started following Gina Carano on Twitter.

White's decision to follow Carano wouldn't be significant had it not been for all the rumors this week that the former face of women's MMA would be returning to the fold for a fight this summer against Ronda Rousey.

Is White just trolling UFC Universe? It's highly doubtful, as he didn't bring much attention to the fact that he follows Carano on Twitter.

If White made it known to media outlets that he started following Carano, then it would be obvious this was a pure troll job.

Analysis: Does White's decision to follow Carano on Twitter mean that she's signing with the UFC? Absolutely not.

White knows there are rumors swirling about Carano returning to the fold, so it seems likely he was just checking her Twitter feed to see if she made any comments on the matter.

The 31-year-old Carano has remained surprisingly quiet on the situation, as she hasn't tweeted since mid-February.

Carano's decision to stay quiet led some fight fans to believe there is something brewing between her and the UFC.

If Carano or White would have simply shot down the rumor of her return, things would be back to normal. However, neither one officially denied that Carano would be signing on with the UFC, so the rumors continue to swirl.

Carano hasn't fought in five years, but she has been training this entire time. Is she ready to fight someone at Rousey's level? Probably not, but perhaps the UFC can give her a tune-up fight before going head-to-head with Rousey.

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