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Dana White has no problem with Gilbert Melendez heading to Bellator

According to a Feb. 20 report from MMA Fighting, UFC President Dana White is still on good terms with Gilbert Melendez, even after the star lightweight bolted from the UFC for a deal with Bellator.

It's one or the other. We're a monopoly. Guys can't make more money. Guys can't do this.' [Melendez] out there, it's free trade. He's out there testing the waters and seeing what he's worth. And now it's a big f------- issue. ... He's out there testing the waters man, that's how this s--- works. Is it a bad thing? I thought this is what everybody wanted.

UFC fans probably would have guessed that White would go berserk upon finding out that one of his top fighters left for Bellator.

Surprisingly, White was cool, calm and collected when discussing the news with the media. White even wished Melendez good luck in the future.

"Gilbert's out there testing the market," White said. "Good for him. I don't have any hard feelings for Gilbert Melendez."

White might be cool with Melendez, but he wasn't so nice when discussing Bellator as a whole. He thinks fighters are trying to get out of there, not stay in.

"Guys are trying to f------ get out of that place," White said. "Guys are, they got these contracts you can't get out of. Look at what they did to Eddie Alvarez. Eddie Alvarez fought once in like two years. They promised all kinds of things that they never had. The difference is, we don't sue our fighters. We don't f---, if a guy wants to try to move on with his career, and test the waters, we don't sue them. We don't jump in and start suing our fighters. People are trying to jump that sh**, not jump out of that sh**."

White is tired of people saying that the UFC bullies fighters. He says Bellator and Viacom are the real bullies.

"Nobody can f---- deal with those guys," White said. "Viacom will sue you til you f------ bleed. Sue you til you bleed. That's a whole ‘nother ballgame over there. Everyone wants to talk like the UFC is bullies? They're the f----- bullies over there. They've got these contracts you can't get out of."

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