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Dana Shino visiting Elizabeth in May!

Dana Shino
Dana Shino

Dana Shino is an incredible Spiritual Coach who I have personally had the pleasure of working with three different times in the past three years. She lives in Durango, Colorado with her amazing photographer husband Bob and has published her personal journey to becoming the woman she is today, titled “When Elephants Fly”. I enjoyed reading her story, her writing style is easy to read and very personal; for those of us not sure where or when our journey started but only knowing it has, her story is inspirational. I find it highly inspirational to find I’m not alone in questioning my sanity sometimes. Most people well on their path have experienced such things!

I have listened to two of Dana’s recorded Live Channels performed in two separate towns and if there is one thing you can count on with these types of events: they are never the same. Every town has different energy, the people who attend all have different energy and reasons for coming and different people/energies/entities come forth to communicate as well which obviously will change the outcome! One thing that seems a common theme is the personalization of each session as messages become specific to certain people in attendance. A nice theme as well is the energy of love and healing that is consciously spread over the community during these sessions; to participate is to be part of some very healing energy!

Dana will be visiting Elizabeth from May 18th to the 20th and will be doing the Live Channel on the 18th and available for private sessions the two days following. I highly recommend contacting Dana prior to her visit if you would like to have a private session with her!