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Dan the Man Karaoke at Rogues Pub in Houston


Karaoke With  Dan in HD

Rogue Pub
(713) 896-8891
13150 FM 529 Houston TX 77041

Bar Class
Shots NeededShots NeededShots Needed = Have a shot

Ok, he doesn’t really go by Dan the man, but Dan is the man when it comes to producing a show that is top of the list of well done Karaoke.  And, if you can see past the drunk girl on the bathroom floor and  the punches they are throwing over by the pool table, you’ll discover the same charm that keeps a loyal gaggle of Karaoke junkies and this top notch KJ coming back week after week.  The people, the service, and the show are all incredible.

Performed on both Friday and Saturday, you’ll find an unusually large number of well sung Karaoke tunes and one of the best techniques for Karaoke rotations.  Rogues rotations are generally short (even when there are a large number of singers), because Dan ensures that rotations are closed after a fair amount of time into that rotation. New singers are added to the end of the next rotation.  So, if you show up late, you aren’t short listed to the top of the queue and loyal earlier birds don’t feel slighted.  This works on nearly every rotation, except the last, where he attempts to ensure that everyone has had the opportunity to sing.  Kudos to Dan.


Rogues, located on 529 and Eldridge is hard pressed to pull itself out of the dive category  and won’t be a match for “fad” karaoke singers as a general rule.  The environment is a bit rough and caters to the secret trashy side hidden deep in all of us.  Between each rotation, it’s not a strange sight to see ladies shaking it hard (often on the bar) to the best and sexiest dance songs while the shot wheel spins relentlessly in the back ground.  If you pay attention, you might see Rogues’ very hot, bad ass bartender, Christina, hop the bar and chase ruffians from the door step and out of the parking lot.


Despite its notoriously rough clientele, the atmosphere is friendly and karaoke night is always a party.  Applause is abundant, the sound system is good (although missing the key element of a monitor), and the selection of songs is current and plentiful.
The downside?  Well, Rogues isn’t for the faint of heart.  This is not a spot you go to pick up hotties.  The bartender and waitresses aren’t interested in your ugly butt, the karaokeites are notoriously attached, and the woman next to you has no teeth.  If you aren’t comfortable on the darker side of neighborhood bars, you will find yourself uncomfortable.  While the inside and outside of Rogues is done very well, featuring a patio with tables, several large rolling doors to open rogues to the outside when the weather is awesome, for many, the colorful collection of patrons is a bit off putting.
The karaoke host is as hot as they come, one of the most talented MC’s around who really knows how to sing….and sing, he does – a lot.  In fact, the waitstaff are often in every rotation once by themselves and then, often, again assisting Dan with another duet.   Dan sings a few times each rotation, whether the bar is nearly empty or the list of singers is long.  He opens and closes each rotation.
Some would say this bar has more character and better people than you would find at any middle class beer or martini joint.  They might also say that Dan’s show is outstanding and the patrons love to hear Dan sing as much as they like to grace the stage themselves.  They might tell those seeking to be critical to stick it where the sun don’t shine for even mentioning short comings; however, this reviewer would be remiss not to offer a trinket or two of gut honest criticism no matter how small.  I hope they’ll still let me dance on the bar.


Overall, Rogues is a ‘can’t miss’ karaoke experience.  So, make a b-line for the bar, grab a bucket of beers and keep an eye out for that shot special.  You’re gonna want ‘em.  Just remember the golden rule:  at the end of the night, if she’s still available, there’s probably a reason.  Take a picture and decide if you want to call her when your sober.  You’ll thank yourself in the morning.


  • Raul 5 years ago

    Great place. Never been stabbed. Hot karaoke chiks.

  • Will 5 years ago

    Made my Karaoke debut there. Signed recording contract in parking lot.

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