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Dan Slott and Ramon Perez to take Spider-Man back to the beginning

Legendary painter, Alex Ross, will provide five all new covers for the Spider-Man year one story.
Alex Ross

Dan Slott has been the primary writer of Marvel Comics“The Amazing Spider-Man” since 2008 chronicling the modern adventures of the world’s favorite wall-crawler. On February 14, 2014, in a story announced through the Associated Press, Slott will be going back to tell one of the earliest stories of Spider-Man, an untold tale that will shed light on how Peter Parker learned to fight crime while still managing to get to high school on a daily basis and care for his doting Aunt May.

Joining Slott on this flashback tale is artist Ramon Perez known for work on “Jim Henson's Tale of Sand.” Perez’s style fits perfect for this flashback tale with a classic look and feel to the characters while maintaining a modern energy.

In talking about the early days of Spider-Man, and how Spidey learned to juggle all the aspects of his private life with his life as a superhero, Slott had this to say to the AP:

"When you're looking at things in those [early] issues, you're going: 'Wait a minute! How did this happen? How did he get this? Where did this come from? Why didn't Aunt May ever wonder about that? . . . You start looking at it closer and closer and you go, 'There's a story here that we're not seeing.’ A very pivotal and crucial story that lovingly respects everything that went on but tells you more, so much more about Spider-Man and so much more about Peter Parker."

The series will fit between the first two issues of Spidey’s original series “The Amazing Spider-Man” #1 and "The Amazing Spider-Man" #2 from March and May 1963. The five part story is titled “Learning to Crawl” and begins May 7, 2013 with “Amazing Spider-Man” #1.1. All five parts will feature covers by painter Alex Ross.

For more on this story check out the AP’s article by Matt Moore.

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