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Dan O'Bannon dead at 63

Alien movie poster
Alien movie poster
20th Century Fox

Some sad news from the world of film making yesterday. Screenwriter, director and actor Dan O'Bannon has passed on at age 63.

O'Bannon was responsible for some of the favorite sci-fi/horror myths of our generation. He wrote the screenplay for a little film called Alien, directed by Ridley Scott, (you may have heard of it), and worked on all the sequels. He was also responsible for The Return of the Living Dead, the amazing George Romero zombie satire, and he worked on the Total Recall script and created the B-17 sequence in Heavy Metal. Not only that, but he provided the screenplay and served as Special Effects Supervisor on the John Carpenter flick, Dark Star, and he worked on a film called Star Wars. You may have heard of that one, too.

Dan O'Bannon truly was a geek creator and he will be sorely missed in the world of film. He was working on the Alien prequel to be released in 2011 at the time of his death. He is survived by Diane Louise Lindley and one son.