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Dan Marino sues the NFL over concussions

Former Miami Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino is suing the NFL over concussions, according to a report by MSN Fox News and that report referred to federal documents regarding the lawsuit.

Marino who is a member of the NFL Hall of Fame and one of the best quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL is among thousands of NFL players who have sued the league over the issue of concussions. Marino and other players believe that the NFL hid information regarding concussions from them regarding concussions.

Most people who play football don't get as far as the NFL. But they are still subject to concussions. Caren Bock a nurse at Broward Health Coral Springs wants all children and young people who play sports to get a baseline test on their mental function before they play sports. By having this baseline test, nurses and doctors who might treat an athlete after a hard hit or a fall will know who the young athlete's mind worked before the hit.

"It is important that all young athletes get this test. We want to be able to help young players of all sports if they have a concussion. This will allow us to help them more effectively," said Bock.

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