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Dan Maes vindicated as United Nations bicycle conspiracy invades downtown Denver (photos)

Bicycles: a United Nations plot?
Bicycles: a United Nations plot?
Kendra Wiig

Earlier this month, Republican candidate for Colorado governor Dan Maes raised eyebrows when he claimed to a group of supporters that the city of Denver’s bike-friendly agenda may be part of a sinister plot to bring the locality under United Nations control. While many ridiculed the suggestion as paranoid conspiracy theory, Maes insisted that he would be vindicated: “This is all very well-disguised, but it will be exposed."

This week, Maes' worst fears appeared to be realized when hundreds of blue-helmeted and internationally costumed cyclists descended on the streets of downtown Denver, converging at one point in City of Cuernavaca park, where last month Maes' Constitution Party opponent Tom Tancredo endorsed Ken Buck (R) for Senate and called President Barack Obama "the greatest threat to the United States today."

As it turns out, the large group of cyclists was actually the Denver Cruisers, a local leisure bike club known for themed weekly bike rides throughout the summer. Cruisers organizer Brad Evans says the group has no political agenda, but chose the United Nations theme to poke fun at Maes' bike-fearing statements and promote cycling as a fun way to get around the city.