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Dan Levy recording at Comedy Works Downtown 9/30-10/2

Uh, I told ya he was adorable...
Uh, I told ya he was adorable...
Photo thanks to New Wave Entertainment

Back in town with his name in the Comedy Works lights is the very funny and very adorable Dan Levy. A Los Angeles-based comedian, Dan will be recording his Comedy Central CD at the dowtown location this weekend.

Levy, who is a frequent guest on the panel of Chelsea Lately, as well as a prominent feature alongside one of the nation's hottest comics Aziz Ansari, began his stand-up career in Boston as a student at Emerson College. While in college, he would drive to NYC and perform in the city. Soon after college, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue life as a stand-up comic.

The pursuit of laughter has treated him well, very well might I add, and he is currently working on a deal with Comedy Central for a show called Let It Ride, which he described as "The Office set in Vegas" as well as writing on other projects and preparing to record his CD this weekend! The guy is busy BUSY, but he did take the time to let us know how much he really does love Denver and Comedy Works. 

"Comedy Works has hosted and recorded for some of my absolute favorite comics," Levy said, "Greg Giraldo and Dave Attell among others, and I've had such a great time in the city and at the club in previous visits that it just seemed natural."

In fact, Levy said that if he weren't living the comic life in Los Angeles, that Denver would be a town of choice, specifically for the laid-back people and the mountain lifestyle. We hear ya, Dan.

I had the opportunity to check him out the last time he swung around Denver with Ansari, and this guy is hilarious. His charisma and charm are undeniable, his style appealing, and his comedy is smart, memorable, and destined for the real big leagues.

Denver, here's your chance to catch a great act and perhaps have your laugh recorded on his Comedy Central CD.

Dan Levy, Comedy Works Downtown

Thursday, Sept 30th: 8:00pm, $12

Friday, Oct. 1st: 8:00pm, 10:00pm, $20

Saturday, Oct 2nd: 6:30pm, 8:30pm, 10:30pm, $20


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