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Dan Harmon will return to Community for fifth season

A weekend tweet by Community creator, Dan Harmon, confirms that he is going to return to the show for its fifth season as “showrunner” by exclaiming 'Yes yes yes! I'm back I'm back I'm back!' in response to fans' persistently asking him to conifirm/deny the rumors.

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Reports say that he is currently in the process of finalizing a deal with Sony to come back as “head honcho” for Community's next season. This comes as a surprise after Harmon left the show following a feud with Chevy Chase. Not surprisingly, Chase announced that he was leaving the show at the conclusion of shooting for the last season, even though Harmon did not participate whatsoever in the fourth installment.

This is also hopeful news for the fans who started a movement calling for “six seasons and a movie,” when NBC announced its plans for Community's cancelation following season three's dismal ratings from the Nielsen system, which is agreed to be archaic in that it only samples a small portion of the population and does not factor in several key viewer elements (households with multiple televisions, DVR, etc.). Because of this, popular television shows have a long history of being canceled (see: Arrested Development, Family Guy, Firefly, etc.), but only recently has fan outcry led to changing the minds of network executives.

Regardless of the political drivel and antiquated popularity systems, actual fans (viewers) appear to be turning the tide by utilizing the internet to make their voices and opinions heard (read).

Cast members were also elated to hear the news, with Gillian Jacobs (Brita Perry) tweeting “E Pluribus Anus” (ranked one of the show's ten best quotes) after hearing the news.

NoteL please see the linked articles for more information on both the show and the announcement and the attached video on why Dino Stamatatopolous (Star-burns) left the show when Harmon was axed.