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Dan Gainor: Lefits would "kick us out of the country, lock us up, or shoot us"

Dan Gainor,
Dan Gainor,
ABC News

On March 18, 2014, Dan Gainor of the deceptively named Media Research Center added his voice to the extensive list of American Taliban spokespersons throwing temper tantrums at Bill Maher's ridicule of believers in the Biblical flood of Noah.

"His whole shtick now is to simply offend more this time than he did last time, because that gets him attention and gets people talking about him on radio and TV," Gainor said of Maher.

To be fair, this would have been tolerable criticism of Bill Maher. Unfortunately, Gainor could not let that be the end of it.

Following what would have otherwise been simple criticism, Gainor lashed out at the Left in general, and in the process, launched straight into a wingnut conspiracy theory.

"There is such a sweeping tide of anti-religious and particularly anti-Christian sentiment among the Left," he said, specifically singling out the websites Huffington Post, Daily Kos, and Democratic Underground.

As OneNewsNow reports, Gainor complained that "the hatred for Christians is so strong, claims Gainor, that he believes the Far Left would 'kick us out of the country, lock us up, or shoot us,' if it could."

No Dan, they wouldn't. Calling for ideological opponents to be murdered is strictly the American Taliban's shtick.

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