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Dan Fante Appearing in Denver on Saturday 2/8

Dan Fante will be appearing in Denver on Saturday, February 8th
Dan Fante will be appearing in Denver on Saturday, February 8th
Dan Fante, Point Doom, John Fante, Charles Bukowski, Mutiny Information Cafe

Los Angeles based writer Dan Fante, author of several novels, including Point Doom, Chump Change and Spitting Off Tall Buildings, a few books of poetry, including Kissed by a Fat Waitress, and A Gin-Pissing-Raw-Meat-Dual-Carburetor-V8-Son-Of-A-Bitch from Los Angeles, also further productions both literary and dramatic, including the play, Don Giovanni, represents a lineage of first rate American writing. Dan’s writing has been called “a violent lyrical blizzard” and the notorious Charles Bukowski once famously compared his discovery of Dan’s father John Fante’s classic novel, Ask the Dust, on a library shelf to finding gold in the city dump. Dan Fante will be making an appearance at Mutiny Information Café, 2. S. Broadway on Saturday February 8th to read excerpts from his latest novel, a thriller called Point Doom and selections from his poetry.

Mutiny Information Café (formerly Mutiny Now Art, Books and Coffee) is an independently owned bookstore/recird store/coffee shop on the SE corner of the intersection of Broadway and Ellsworth in the heart of the Baker neighborhood. The current phone number is: 303.778.7579. Fante has appeared at the same location once before, when the bookstore was under different ownership, and a good time was had by all. See how it went here.

Fante grew up surrounded by groundbreaking writers like William Faulkner, Nathanael West, and his father. When he was fifteen years old, Human Comedy author William Saroyan tossed Dan the keys to his brand new Cadillac, with which he'd gotten tired or bored: "Here, kid." Besides being an author, at different times in his life, Dan has worked as a cabbie, high rise window washer, telemarketer, carnival barker, and a private eye (which no doubt inspired Point Doom, in which a bereaved hardnose seeks to avenge his murdered partner). Come hear him speak next Saturday.

“The passion has never left me. I live as two people - myself, Dan Fante, and Bruno Dante or Mickey Di Salvo, or whoever I say I am in one of my books. I can tap that Bruno character any time I need to. He lives inside me like a quiet, simmering pool of magma. Years ago I stopped feeding him with booze and he was kind enough to stop trying to kill me. That's our truce.”
― Dan Fante