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Dan Dotson leaves hospital after brain aneurysm: ‘Storage Wars’ news

Dan Dotson
Photo by Laura Cavanaugh/Getty Images

Dan Dotson has been allowed to leave the hospital after recovering from a double brain aneurysm. TMZ reports on Monday that the “Storage Wars” star has promised his doctors to work on improving his health. Dotson previously shared that he was willing to give up smoking after suffering the double brain aneurysm.

Dotson has been warned to rest at home and avoid work for several weeks, and he claims he will follow these instructions. His wife has shared that he is serious about giving up smoking because doctors have made it clear that it increases his chance of having another aneurysm. The entire family is focused on helping the auctioneer recover by improving his overall health.

On his official Twitter account, Dotson has posted a photo of the medical staff that saved his life and added his appreciation for their hard work. Fans also shared photos and prayers on Twitter for the reality star during his hospital stay. He has thanked all of them for the outpouring of love while recovering at home from the surgery.

The A&E network did not allow Dotson’s double brain aneurysm or long hospital stay stop the filming for the sixth season of the show. The cameras were allegedly allowed to film his surgery earlier in June, and his recovery may be a prominent part of “Storage Wars” next season. Although he did not suffer long-term damage, he must be careful with his blood pressure, so the network’s actions have left fans wondering if filming was appropriate.

Dotson has admitted he needs to change his lifestyle to stop another aneurysm from occurring, and the decision to quit smoking is only the first part. He was fortunate to survive the first time, so he cannot risk complications. Dotson may be adjusting his diet, adding new medications and reducing the stress in his life.

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