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Dan Dotson brain aneurysm: 'Storage Wars' auctioneer prognosis grave to better

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Storage Wars” auctioneer “Dan Dotson” has suffered a double brain aneurysm and was rushed from home by an ambulance to a hospital in Palm Springs. Dan’s wife, who is also a star on “Storage Wars,” said Dan woke up “asking weird questions” during the middle of the night and he took a turn for the worst by morning, according to TMZ on June 20.

Dan Dotson is the fast-talking auctioneer on the show and his wife Laura Dotson also fills in as an auctioneer when he can’t make it. She is seen by his side in almost every show. “Don’t forget to pay the lady,” is a phrase she repeats at the end of each show when the bidding is done and over.

Laura said it was about 1:30 in the morning when Dan was asking questions in his sleep that were on the strange side. Then when he got up at around 7:30 a.m. he was having double vision and he went back to bed saying that he wasn’t “feeling right.”

He got up later in the morning and took a shower, when he stepped out of the shower he collapsed and turned blue. She called 911 and the operator instructed her on administering CPR to Dan, which she did until the paramedics arrived.

At first his prognosis left little chance for survival and then he had surgery, which went better than expected. While he is no way out of the woods yet, he is doing better today.

According to The Inquisitr, the A&E auctioneer suffered two aneurysms, one behind his eye and the other in his neck. His surgery took place on Tuesday, but his prognosis was reported as improving later in the week.

The “Storage Wars” reality show has Dan and Laura as one of two couples in this world of cut-throat bidding. Laura, who is sweet until you ruffle her fathers is the soul mate of Dan, whose fast talking could make you dizzy.

Laura posted a note this week which read:

“Dan is doing remarkably well since his surgery,” the note read. “Thank you for your continued prayers and good thoughts.”