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Dan Dotson aneurysm update: 'Storage Wars' star quits smoking, thanks fans

Dan Dotson's aneurysm gave his family, friends and fans a big scare
Photo by Laura Cavanaugh/Getty Images

The news of Dan Dotson's aneurysm scared him, his family and “Storage Wars” fans as the news broke, but luckily he is seemingly doing fairly well. The star even took to his Twitter page on Sunday to thank everybody for their support. What's the scoop on this frightening medical emergency?

TMZ shares that Dan Dotson's aneurysm actually was two separate aneurysms that were such that the “Storage Wars” star almost lost his life. The frightening incident occurred at Dan and Laura Dotson's home a week ago, and he was rushed into surgery. Doctors initially said that Dotson had somewhere between a 4 to 20 percent chance of survival.

The “Storage Wars” star underwent surgery a week ago, and it seems he may just beat the odds. His wife says as soon as he woke up he determined he needed to quit smoking, which the doctors said would be key in preventing another aneurysm. Dan has been a smoker for 40 years, so this will be a big challenge for him. However, the double brain aneurysm has scared him enough to get serious about getting healthier.

Dan tweeted, “Thx to all my family friends & fans for all the love prayers & well wishes. I'm one lucky bastard.” This was definitely one scary medical emergency, as it was clear via social media that his fellow cast members were pretty frightened for him. While he's got a long way to go, it does sound as if the worry over Dan Dotson's aneurysm is turning to action to beat the problem and live a healthier life.

“Storage Wars” currently airs new episodes every Tuesday night on A&E. Will Dan Dotson's aneurysm emergency end up being a part of a future episode? That much isn't known quite yet, though it seems likely. Here's hoping that Dan continues to recover and can put this scare behind him.

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