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Dan Dotson's aneurysm: Difficult battle ahead for 'Storage Wars' fan favorite

Laura and Dan Dotson of 'Storage Wars' face a frightening health crisis
Photo by Laura Cavanaugh/Getty Images

Storage Wars” star Dan Dotson's aneurysm news has fans hoping and praying that he can beat the early odds and fully recover. TMZ broke the news on Friday about the reality TV star's starling medical emergency. Apparently Dotson actually had two aneurysms and he faces a very difficult battle in terms of recovery.

The medical emergency actually happened earlier in the week, but the news stayed out of the media until Friday. Dan Dotson's aneurysm seemingly happened Monday morning, as around 1 a.m. he was talking in his sleep and asking some strange questions. When he woke up around 7:30 a.m., it was clear something was off.

Dan's wife Linda Dotson, who stars alongside him on “Storage Wars,” explained to TMZ that after Dan woke Monday morning he said he didn't feel quite right and he was experiencing some issues with double vision. He went back to sleep for a bit, and a few hours later he collapsed as he stepped out of the shower. Linda called 911 and they were able to walk her through doing CPR on Dan as he had turned blue.

Once the doctors were able to start working on the reality TV star they determined he had two aneurysms. Dan Dotson had one in his neck and another behind his eye that was the size of an apricot. Frighteningly the doctors initially said the "Storage Wars" star had a 4 to 20 percent chance of survival.

Dan had surgery on Tuesday, and it was said to be successful. Though it seems he's doing fairly well, the situation is still uncertain and tenuous it seems. Many cast members and fans have been tweeting their prayers and support for Dotson. Laura shared one from fellow “Storage Wars” cast member Darrell Sheets and added, “Thank you for all the love & prayers! Danny made it through a difficult surgery! Now on the road to recovery!”

The news of Dan Dotson's aneurysm comes as a big shock to fans of “Storage Wars,” and it clearly stunned his friends and family as well. It does sound like great news that he made it through the surgery, so here's hoping there's more good news ahead for Dan and Laura regarding his recovery. New episodes of “Storage Wars” currently air every Tuesday night on A&E.

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