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Dan Dotson aneurysm: 'Storage Wars' star to get healthy now

Dan Dotson and his wife
Photo by Larry Busacca

Dan Dotson of "Storage Wars" recently had an aneurysm and had to have surgery. On Sunday, TMZ shared that after having this surgery he is now speaking out and saying that smoking was the reason and that he will be quitting. He is giving up his cigarettes for good and his health should be better after he does this for himself.

He has been smoking for 40 years so this will be hard for him to give up. It is a lot to quit after that long. He is setting a great example for his son too. He is just 16 but says that he wants to live healthier after seeing his dad make this big commitment. That is great news that anyone would love to hear.

CBS shared the news of the big aneurysm that he is lucky did not take his life. His wife Laura spoke out saying, "He looks at me and his eyes are rolled back in his head and his legs are going out and the color immediately went from like, he was real red and purple to, like, a bluish-green." He told her that he had a headache, but that was obviously not all that was wrong with him. She called 911 to get him help though right away. Laura shared that he was not talking right and she immediately knew that something was wrong with her husband. It was smart that she called right away to get him help.

Laura is already a non-smoker. She plans to stay that way. Laura and Dan will be back on "Storage Wars" soon when it comes back to television. For now, they are working on taking care of their health and staying in shape. Things are going well for them and hopefully he can continue to stay healthy. This double brain aneurysm was enough to scare him into getting his life into shape. Fans are glad to hear that he is taking care of himself now. Don't miss him on new episodes of "Storage Wars" on A&E.

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