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Dan Costello, singer/songwriter and now...rock and roll!

Dan Costello August 2009
Dan Costello August 2009
Dan Costello

Making a living in the world of music isn’t easy. Just ask Dan Costello. Dan has been playing music out of Boise, for a whole lot of years. He usually performs by himself. Just him and his acoustic guitar. You can find him doing his acoustic act at Lock Stock & Barrel on W. Jefferson in Downtown Boise every Thursday night at 6:30 p.m.. He likes to play a lot of his original tunes but he also like taking requests. Everything was  blue skies in Costello's world until earlier this year. While on tour with Kelly Lynae in Sacramento, Dan had $8k worth of musical gear stolen from his vehicle. Left with only his guitar and his vocal ability but without a sound system, it suddenly became awfully hard to make a living. It would be kind of like a long haul trucker going into a diner for breakfast, coming out to find that his 18 wheeler was gone. Dan needed to put things into high gear to get back on his feet. Besides his regular gigs Costello has run a few “acoustic jams”, gives guitar lessons and has recently got together with three other players to form Spindlebomb, a “danceable pop rock band”. He says that playing with Spindlebomb has sort of taken him out of his comfort zone. Don’t take him wrong, he likes it, he likes it a lot. He plays an electric guitar with the group and he says that this is the first band where he doesn’t have to be the lead singer all the time. Spindlebomb performs every Friday and Saturday night at 9pm at Tom Grainey’s at 109 S.6th St. in Downtown Boise.