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Dan Bilzerian talks with Howard Stern about his wild life

Dan Bilzerian
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Dan Bilzerian the 33-year-old poker player who is worth around $100 million and is famous for his outrageous antics and instagram photos recently opened up to Howard Stern to give fans an inside glimpse into his wild life. From surviving a Viagra, cocaine and alcohol induced heart attack at the age of 25, to being kicked out of the SEALs, getting banned from the state of Utah, high stakes poker games and the multiple ladies in his life, Dan Bilzerian told all.

On Poker:
Dan told Howard Stern that the he won $50 million playing poker last year, and the most that he has ever lost in a game is $3.6 million.

In 1999, Dan was kicked out of the state of Utah for bringing a gun to his high school, an M-16 which was in the trunk of his car and was discovered by the administration after he bragged about it to friends. Dan felt that carrying a gun was normal, and has always been around guns. He received his first gun when he was only 6-years-old.

Navy SEAL:
Dan joined the military and wanted to become a Navy SEAL. He said it was not for his patriotism, but more for bragging rights and for the excitement. Dan states that he was kicked out, two days before graduation for a "safety violation." but thinks it had more to do with his problem with authority and one of his commanding officers disliking him.

On Girls:
Dan tells Howard in the interview, that although there are many women in his life, he had just broken up with his only girlfriend Andreea Bolbea who he had been in a relationship with for a year. He says he broke up with her because he didn't feel like she was really happy, and had nothing but good things to say about her. Andreea already has a degree, and a career going for her. Dan says that Andreea was fine with him sleeping with other girls, as long as she was also involved. Dan also states that even though they have broken up, he is still taking care of her financially. For interested minds, the beautiful Andreea can be seen in many of his Instagram photos.

Dan says that even though he is photographed with groups of scantily clad women, the most he has ever slept with at one time is 4 women.

Although he is quite the playboy now, Bilzerian says that in high school and in the Navy he didn't have much of a sex life and is making up for lost time now.

During his most recent trip to Cannes, he slept with 16 girls in 12 days.

Want to sleep with Dan Bilzerian yourself? Dan says the best way for a girl to get noticed by him is to send him photos on "direct message" through Instagram.

For more on Dan Bilzerian you can follow his Instagram and his Twitter .

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