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Damn that awfully funny 'Zombeavers' Trailer

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In my opinion the best/worst movies, like say "Troll 2", "Birdemic" and the grandfather of them all "Plan 9 from Outer Space", come about when filmmakers have the desire to make a good film but, for whatever reason they turn out unintentionally bad. Often laughably so.

Well, if the awfully funny Trailer for "Zombeavers", a low-budgeted quickie that mashes up a ridiculous premise of rabid beavers run amok with party hardy co-eds camping out in the woods, is any indication I might have to change my mind.

At first, I never thought this film would see the light of day (or the darkness of a theater). Well two million views of that clip on YouTube, a major producer with studio credits signed on to help distribute through Epic Pictures and a midnight slot during the Tribeca Film Fest guarantees this rowdy creature feature will premiere theatrically. So, gear up for a good time and catch what will surely be causing quite a fuss later this year!

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