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Dame carries classic women's pieces, shoes and accessories

Dana Rossi, owner of Dame, a women's clothing boutique located in Santa Monica,
says shoes are a hot selling item right now, and range in price from $29 to $59.
(Photo credit: Sabrina Enayatulla)

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Owner of Dame, a women's clothing boutique located in Santa Monica, Ca., Dana Rossi is waiting at Los Angeles International Airport, just minutes away from boarding her plane for a week-long trip to Europe when we connect.

She mentions that she has an entrepreneurial spirit, and loves her work.

Talking business en route to another continent for vacation?

Yeah, we can tell.

Rossi studied graphic design, but decided to take a different path and open her own women's clothing boutique. Dame opened in Santa Monica five years ago.

“I've just always been passionate about helping people,” Rossi said. “I love that I can suggest clothes that work, and make people feel really good about themselves.”

Dame is a quaint little boutique with friendly employees that make you feel welcome, like when you're at your best girlfriend's house digging through her clothes looking for something to wear. Dame carries women's clothing, accessories and shoes including boots, sandals, and shoe booties that range in price from $29 to $59, and Rossi says customers can easily buy a full outfit (shoes and accessories included) for $100.

“We cater to women who want to have a good time, and like to get dressed up,” Rossi said. “We can dress someone who's looking for something casual -- maybe a beach weekend, even something for work, a wedding, or a cocktail party.”

Although Rossi says a diverse group of women shop at Dame, if you're looking for flash and flare, you won't find it there. Rossi says she tends to lean toward basic pieces with clean and simple lines that will look good on most body types, and hopes to move forward later this year with Dame's own label with a similar vibe.

“Each of my customers wants something different, and they don't always want trends,” Rossi said, “And I don't really want that either. I [like that I] can help a woman put something on that will make her feel good. That's more important to me than making everyone look 'cookie cutter'.”

Dame also carries long dresses, a chest of scarves, long tanks and tees, and plenty of flouncy tops -- all of which are great options for Muslim women looking for stylish and modest options.

As for Rossi's trip to Europe, she'll swing into London (where she once studied abroad) and visit a few other countries on her visit. She hopes to be inspired, and might even tweak Dame's inventory when she returns.

Dame is located at 725 Broadway in Santa Monica. Store hours are Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., and Sunday from noon to 6 p.m. Call  310-394-2402, or visit for more information.