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Dam Brewery: the best dam ribs

Dam Brewery ribs
Dam Brewery ribs
Stephen Fuller

Sitting there on the top level of the Dam Brewery enjoying the gorgeous view of Buffalo and Red mountains is an absolute treat in itself. Bluebird skies back dropping the snow capped peaks and the radiating sun putting its warming touch on all that you can see.

Right on the overlook in the restaurant you get a full view of everything going on and a bird’s eye view of the bar, getting to see the interactions of guests and bartenders. You get the sense of it being a friendly place as the guests are served their entrees.

As the barbeque pork ribs arrive, the aroma coming off the full rack is incredible, the sweet fragrance of molasses and the pungent scent of garlic are the first to hit your senses. Between the two they go hand in hand which is absolutely delightful with the glistening finish of caramelized sauce staring you in the face. With your mouth being to water you don’t even need a knife, the meat starts to fall off the bone, there is no polite way of eating theses ribs except for just diving in. As the favor of the smoke and the tang of the sauce absorbs on your palate your taste buds are sedated with a bit of heat finishing off on the tongue.

As you dig into the second bone you start to discover more subtle flavors in the sauce of orange juice to help balance out the vinegars and the texture of the meat is exceptional, it has that great crust one looks for in smoked meats and pulls apart delicately enough. As you pull off the bones one by one, the meat shreds showcasing a firm yet skillfully cooked rack of barbeque ribs.

After the meal and watching one of the brewers, Jeff, doing his trade, and of course asking a few questions, he invites us down to give us a tour. Explaining the process and that he is in phase two of this batch and having to stir for a full thirty minutes straight is quite the work out. He walks us through from start to finish and the final steps of filtering the beer almost makes me want to return to the table as he recommends which beer would go bet with the ribs.

Located under the dam in Dillon, Colorado at 100 little dam street.

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