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Dallas TV Show: Do you watch it

Many long years ago the whole family watched a night-time soap opera on our Nashville TV; a melodrama that was named 'Dallas' and for so long, everyone it seemed, knew the names of 'J. R.' and 'Sue Ellen' and 'Bobby', and 'Ms Ellie' and 'Jock Ewing.' We also knew 'Cliff Barnes' and his daughter, 'Pamela', because she was married to 'Bobby Ewing'. We all watched as 'J. R' was shot at the climatic ending of one episode, and then it was the all-important question of 'Who Shot J. R?'' that we each tried to figure out.

Dallas TV Show photo of 'Sue Ellen' and 'Bobby Ewing' stars - Linda Gray poses at the launch of 'Dallas' on Foxtel's SoHo at The Loft on August 19, 2014 in Sydney, Australia.
Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images

When the long-gone 'Dallas' TV show was once again revived for cable TV, many of us jumped right in to get involved with the old Ewing and Barnes family rivals, and there we were, watching it all with glee as one side got the better of the other one, depending on which family group was our favorite at the time. Sad to say that before the ending of one season, the main and probably favorite character on the entire show, J R Ewing, was lost as actor Larry Hagman lost his life.

But the makers of the 'new Dallas' did not despair, as they have managed to carry on without the character of J. R., and now play the two descendants off each other, as cousins John Ross and Christopher Ewing fight back and forth, come together to help stabilize the Ewing family against the remaining members of the Cliff Barnes family, and so it goes.

You can enjoy the attached video 'Dallas' Star Patrick Duffy LIVE' as well as some photos of him and of Linda Gray. Leave us a note and tell us how you like the show, especially without J. R. and who your favorite character is now.

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