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'Dallas' spoilers: Season 3 premiere brings new fights, villains and romances

Josh Henderson is back for 'Dallas' season 3
Josh Henderson is back for 'Dallas' season 3
Photo by Rick Diamond

Dallas” season 3 premieres Monday night on TNT, and fans want spoilers. It's been a long wait for new episodes, but it seems the new season will give fans just what they've been anxious to have back: plenty of drama. TVLine shared some “Dallas” spoilers on Feb. 24.

During Monday night's “Dallas” season 3 premiere, Bobby and John Ross will fight over Southfork. Christopher will have a new romance, and Elena is out for revenge when someone messes with the Ewings.

Of course a big question surrounds where “Dallas” heads with J.R. gone. TVLine previously shared that in season 3, several characters will step in to wreck some havoc. John Ross may well be at the center of the mayhem, it seems, but he's got some help. Emma, Judith and Elena all seem poised to cause some trouble around Southfork as well.

Season 3 of “Dallas” picks up just 12 hours after where fans left off in the season 2 finale. John Ross gets “one last gift from his dearly departed daddy,” and he's determined to shake things up with Ewing Global. There's said to be “double-crossing and boardroom brawling,” but that's not all season 3 has in store for viewers. “Dallas” spoilers for season 3 also tease a wedding that will bring some familiar faces back to Southfork, along with “an old-fashioned Ewing barbecue.”

Though it can be a frustrating move at times for viewers, season 3 of “Dallas” will be split into two mini-seasons so to speak. Eight episodes will air beginning Feb. 24, with a break and then seven more airing over the summer. Those behind the show tease that splitting the season gives them an opportunity to deliver two big premieres and two big cliffhanging finales.

Tune in to the season 3 “Dallas” premiere on TNT Monday, Feb. 24 to see how everybody moves forward with J.R. gone.

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