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Dallas shows this weekend


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There are tons of great shows this weekend, it just depends on what mood you're in! 
Tonight at the Palladium Ballroom, Telegraph Canyon (a local favorite) is opening for Broken Social Scene. Both are great bands, Broken Social Scene is the much bigger of the two. Together they create a folky, indie feel; good for a quiet night near downtown.
Bob Schneider is playing over at the Granada, with Odis and and Charie Shafter and the Gnomes acting as the openers. Again, more of a folk feel with a little rock mixed in. 
Tomorrow, there's a huge show at Center. It's BFD (Big Freakin Deal), hosted by the Eagle. The lineup includes Motley Crue (the show is also named Cruefest for the band),  Godsmack, Drowning Pool, and Theory of a Deadman. This will definitely be a huge party, mosh pits galore. Weather is looking great, so you won't melt in the sun. Tickets aren't too bad, they go from $30-95. 
Method Man and Redman will be the House of Blues if you aren't feeling the hard rock.  It may be sold out, so check on that before heading out. 
Whichever you choose, have fun!