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Dallas' search for renewed skin can be found with JuVaShape

Nestled along a row of quaint businesses on Lovers Lane lies an oasis of sorts for Dallas quest for the fountain of youth when it comes to skincare. Spa in the City, run by Josanne Stephens, is a beacon in Dallas’ skin treatment, laser and injectable market offering many services for men and women to find their skincare fountain of youth. On this particular day last week, the business had a skincare event where clients were able to see a demonstration of the JuVaShape or Vshape technology in action.

JuVaShape is available at Spa in the City on Lovers Lane for renewed skin with minimal downtime.
Heather Buen at Spa in the City

What is JuVaShape?

The JuVaShape Body and Face lifestyle program combines health, wellness and cutting-edge innovation, such as advanced bi-polar and patented unipolar technology and a new focused RF mode. Offered at a limited number of clinics nationwide, this new aesthetic solution brings out the best of exquisite restoration for body and face.

“Our patients deserve the newest and best in cutting edge technology when they visit Spa in the City. With this in mind, investing in the Vshape with JuVaShape technology was an easy decision,” said Josanne Stephens, director of Spa in the City. “The JuVaShape Lifestyle and Body Solution, with virtually no pain or downtime, offers our patients circumference reduction, cellulite reduction, lifting, firming and skin resurfacing all via non-invasive vShape treatments.”

You can treat many things such as wrinkles, rhytids and improve the appearance of cellulite. There is little to no downtime depending upon the surface you are treating and many of the comments that came out of the presentation were that it “tightened the skin.” Firmer skin is the trademark for youthful looking skin. The thermal energy created by the radio frequency will penetrate the skin by 1-15 millimeters.

Each treatment takes 30 to 60 minutes and it is recommended to do 6 bi-weekly treatments.

Spa in the City and skin resurfacing called Micro Plasma peel

Spa in the City also offers skin resurfacing called MPP or Micro Plasma Peel. This is also a JuVaShape technology that used Radio Frequency pixel. Think of a digital camera where sizes for photos are measured in pixels like a large canvas and each dot of color makes up the photo. So it is with your face where slight heat is used to perforate the skin to remold the collagen. It is the body’s natural response to respond to the heat and try to heal the skin. Skin becomes healthier, firm and has a more youthful glow.

Spa in the City offers many types of membership packages as a skin maintenance lifestyle program. You can’t undo years of damage with one treatment. Membership packages begin at $199 a month and higher with treatments for the body or face including B-12 shots and Botox, depending on the package. A La Carte pricing begins at $249/per treatment per area. The Micro Plasma Peels are also available starting at $225.

For more information, please visit Spa In the City and book an appointment or visit them on Facebook and Twitter. You can also visit them at their new location at 4512 West Lovers Lane Dallas, TX 75209 or call them at (972) 998-6484.

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